Review of “Cidade de Indepcia: An Annarella Livejasmin Book Review” by Thierry Sterns

Annarella Livejasmin is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer. She trained with Rogerio Senna in the early nineties. Livejasmin earned a black belt at the age of sixteen. She was trained by Renzo Gracie, Carlos and Helio Gracie. Her life has been full of excitement as she met and trained different people like Rogerio Senna, Helio and Flavio Cezanne.

Annarella Livejasmin knows that her art is an eye catching one due to her vibrant personality and her attractive looks. However, she has taken martial arts into a more serious side by dedicating herself to teach and practice Jiu Jitsu. Her book “Cidade De Indepencia” (The National Self Defense) is a must read for any martial artist who wants to learn more about her art. This book includes an impressive list of her accomplishments, the way she trained different people and more. This is a good reference book to help you become aware of your art and learn from her experiences.

Cidade De Indepencia is dedicated to teaching women how to defend themselves. It includes diverse techniques which include grappling, sweep, stand up and submission. This is a comprehensive book that is aimed at preparing women for self-defense needs. Annarella has many pages dedicated to her past experiences in fighting and martial arts.

The National Self Defense Association is the educational arm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The association aims to unite individuals under the same banner, promote social harmony and unity. There are various clubs and groups in Brazil, but most are active locally. Cidade de Indepencia is very active locally and has branches in different cities of Brazil. The book also has a chapter for women. Women in this club will be trained in the basic Jiu Jitsu including the application of the different positions and fighting techniques.

Cidade de Indepencia was designed for people who have knowledge in grappling, throws and sweeps. The book is also full of illustrations depicting the application of these techniques. The instructor has been professionally trained and is also well versed in martial arts theory. This makes her an excellent coach because she knows what works and what doesn’t work within the different discipline of grappling.

I particularly liked the portions that concentrated on the psychological aspects of a person being able to defend themselves. This is a very important aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The mental preparation is crucial to surviving in combat situations.