Lola Livejasmin – Voice

Lorrette Livejasmin is a singer-songwriter from the nation of Brazil. She is best known for songs that address social issues like the War on Drugs and other political issues. Her unique voice is known for its richness in textures and tones. Born with a falsetto tone, her voice is deeper than most. In addition, she has a thick, husky voice, which she describes as “warm” and “full.”

The young singer-songwriter was raised in poverty. She was very intelligent and eager to pursue her musical career. At age ten, she began writing songs and performing them at local functions. She developed a strong musical ear and learned how to play the guitar at the age of twelve. At sixteen, she went to a recording school in Rio de Janeiro and learned the guitar, piano, drums, and voice from a famous guitarist named Ciro da Caprio. Later, she became known as Livejasmin and became an overnight sensation in Brazil.

Throughout her early years, Livejasmin was also known as Nelly Furtado. Eventually, though, she settled into her own unique sound as Lola. At the age of eighteen, she began learning how to sing and record, and in less than a year, she was singing on some of the country’s biggest radio shows. Her first single “Give Me The Reason” was a huge hit, and she became a major hit in Brazil, making her the first South American Idol.

The album Lola finally came out in 2021, and it became even more popular as her single “Secrets” reached number one. The next single on the album, “Love is a Flight of the Bumble Bee,” was a massive hit and became the second single from the album that reached the top of the U.S. charts. Livejasmin returned to the microphone a few times over, but each time she came back, she produced an even better song.

With each new album that Livejasmin releases, her voice is deeper and richer. She has also trained with the legendary Carlos Santana. A lot of her songs have featured Santana’s guitar work. On the last album, she was able to get away with covering Santana solos, which made her sound like a true fan. Even though Lola has never released an album without Carlos Santana on vocals, he is always involved with some way in the process.

Lola Livejasmin is very talented. Her voice is pure, clean, and has a powerful impact that makes any recording sound incredible. As her career continues to grow, she will keep adding new songs and making more fans. As her fan base increases, so will her demand for bigger records. It is only a matter of time before she joins forces with artists such as Macy Gray, Boyz II Men, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, and Neil Young, among others, to produce an album of full duets.